Molding Division

Production of metal moulds

PI.LU.VIA. Srl boasts a Stamping Division capable of satisfying every type of customer requirement regarding metal stamping (as can be seen with regard to the stamping of aesthetic details). The Stamping Division is located in two separate sheds and can count on:

> 19 presses including mechanical and hydraulic presses, up to 450 tonnes, electronically fed for step production and presses used for recovery processing.

The Emilian company combines many years of experience in metal stamping and deep drawing of iron, stainless steel, aluminium and brass sheets with constant research into innovation. This is what makes the service provided state-of-the-art. The indispensable accessory works that PI.LU.VIA. supplies directly or through group collaborations to guarantee a complete service are:

  • shearing
  • folding
  • laser cutting
  • painting with cataphoresis

Every aspect of production is followed and managed in a professional manner with constant monitoring of activities. This in order to ensure a high-quality standard and delivery times always in line with customer requirements. The constant monitoring of the equipment by the Mould Division is fundamental. It is the guarantee of the optimal maintenance of the same and of the rapidity and competence in the eventual need of intervention for maintenance or modification.

Aesthetic Moulding

PI.LU.VIA. has gained significant experience in metal moulds, in the moulding of parts intended for aesthetics, especially with reference to the household appliance sector.

The company in Reggio Emilia has dedicated an internal department to this activity, made up of qualified personnel trained in this particular type of moulding.

The moulding of aesthetic parts, in fact, requires specific measures that involve the entire production process. They range from the management of the raw material (acceptance checks and verification of aesthetic defects) to the logistics necessary for migration between one step and the next, up to the maintenance and care of the equipment used for operations with a high aesthetic impact.

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Quality Control

The production cycle gives great importance to the control and testing phases of the parts. Each metal stamped part is assigned, in accordance with the customer’s requirements and the specificity of the part itself, a check-list of controls to be carried out at set standard intervals.

The construction of Control Masters allows the operator to keep under control the main dimensional characteristics of the piece. In order to trace and monitor any drifts and therefore calibrate the maintenance of the equipment, after standard production batches, the pieces are scanned using three-dimensional measuring machines.

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