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Certificazione Tuv


The key steps of the company’s production cycle are the inspection and testing of parts.


The components that compose the machinery are subjected to external processes, when they are received; hardness and dimensional compliance tests are carried out to ensure that they conform to the required characteristics. 

The equipment tests may be carried out directly by internal staff using our presses, or at the final production site at the premises indicated by the customer. 

The parts produced during the preproduction stage are subjected to scans using three-dimensional measurement machines. The reports obtained from this testify to their compliance with the requirements.



A checklist relating to the checks to be carried out at the fixed standard intervals, in accordance with the customer’s needs and the specificity of the part, is assigned to each moulded part.

The creation of control masters allows the operator to keep the main dimensional characteristics of the piece under control.

In order to trace and monitor any deviations and then to calibrate the equipment maintenance, after standard production batches, the pieces are scanned using three-dimensional measurement machines.


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