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Certificazione Tuv

Dal 1970 ad oggi ...


PI.LU.VIA was created as a company for the design and construction of moulds for metal sheets cold working.

Site change: the company expanded its available space and introduced the stamping department as a new and integral part of its activities.

Continuous growth: new company premises were built, expanding from 200 to 1200 square metres and thereby opening the doors to great development prospects.  

Research and improvement: both the stamping and mould production departments were retooled with technologically advanced machinery, including wire and sink electric discharge machining tools. It was also the year in which Pi.LU.VIA collaborated with important global companies in the household appliance sector.

Broadening horizons: following the BVL takeover, our company added its wealth of experience to the automotive industry. The company’s premises were also further enlarged, covering 2800 square metres.

The year of major changes: the premises grew ever larger and the introduction of the new administrative database aided the computerisation of the production, thereby increasing the quality control function. Latest generation CAD/CAM systems were also introduced to the mould department for design.

Further growth of the stamping department: the 400TN hydraulic press was added to the range of machines, increasing them to nineteen units.

Years of hard work are rewarded: the TUV body assigned us the Quality System Certification in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.

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