Your ideas come steel

Certificazione Tuv


PI.LU.VIA is a company working in the design and construction of moulds for metal sheets cold working and stamping for over forty years

Type of Dies:

-            Manual dies

-            Progressive dies

-            Tranfer dies

-            Dies with built in transfer

-            Threading machine integrated



The passage of time lead the company to permanently establish itself on the market, and distinguish itself in terms of quality and research, particularly in the study of innovative solutions aimed at complete customer satisfaction.

The constant focus on research is PI.LU.VIA.’s real key to success, which led to the creation of a virtuous process of continuous technical and technological innovation developed from the internal process, planning, product implementation and the services offered, up to customer’s assistance provided during the production cycle.  

Over the course of the years, the company has specialised in the supply of moulded parts thanks to its range of presses, which are constantly updated and fitted with electronic interlocks.

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